Authentic Cycladic

Naxos is an island that balances with grace among the happy pluralism and simplicity. Our philosophy around experiences is related to sustainability, emotions and authentic sharing, recommending the island through a holistic approach.

The Beach

Authentic Cycladic, the beach is a way of life. Wake up to the unique view of sunbaths that are mirrored at sea, creating thousands of reflections in turquoise waters. Enjoy a cool drink and delicious snacks in the comfortable sun loungers of the hotel’s swimming pool. Dive. You are at home.

Land Of Naxos

Naxos land has a soul. Since antiquity, gifts: marble and emery, wine and citrus, castles and whitewashed chapels. Ideally situated between the beach and mild hills of Naxos changing color during the day, Irida Luxury Apartments offer authentic pictures of the island.